Kevork Aslanyan 2016 22 Min

Fantasy, Short Film

In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. One day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change Constantine's life forever. more

Elisa Mishto 2018 15 Min

Comedy, Drama, Short Film

Young and pretty Emma is sentenced to anger management therapy after having thrown a toaster at her ex boyfriend and broken his nose. During the course of one day, her fate and her temper will be challenged several times. Will she be able to control her anger or will she … more

Raoul Peck 2016 93 Min

Current Affairs, Documentary, History

In 1979, James Baldwin wrote a letter to his literary agent describing his next project, Remember This House. The book was to be a revolutionary, personal account of the lives and successive assassinations of three of his close friends—Medgar Evers, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. At the time … more

Kazui Nihonmatsu 1967 88 Min


A rocket blasts off on a mission to Mars but is forced to make an emergency moonbase landing when a UFO blocks its path. The astronauts return to earth with a mysterious glowing object, which suddenly transforms into the gigantic space creature Girara… more

Emilie Deleuze 2015 90 Min

Drama, Romance

Some would say Aurore lives a boring life. But when you are a 13-year-old girl, and just like her have an uncompromising way of looking at boys, school, family or friends, life takes on the appearance of a merry psychodrama. Especially with a new French teacher, the threat of being … more


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