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Film Still "Show Me Rio"
Film Still "Deer Boy"
Film Still "Singled (Out)"
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Charlie Chaplin 1916 27 Min

Comedy, Short Film

An incredible acting performance, inspired by the music-hall number "The Inebriate", which was Chaplin's hit on stage with the Karno troupe. The Nightingale returns home after drinking too much. All the familiar objects become hostile and prevent him from going to bed. more

TheBookofBirdie_FilmStills_00120 TheBookofBirdie_FilmStills_00120

Fantasy, Horror, LGBTQ, Religion

In a candlelit bathroom, teenage Birdie delicately anoints her body with blood, painting bloody wings on the mirror at her shoulders. She smiles. At an imposing, nearly-empty convent perched on the edge of a frozen lake, Birdie is unceremoniously placed into the care of the nuns by her grandmother for … more

Film Still "Show Me Rio" Film Still "Show Me Rio"

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

The best way to discover a city is through its people. In this film, notable Rio residents like artist Vik Muniz, model Andrea Dellal, singer Chico Buarque, designer Oskar Metsavaht and mayor Eduardo, amongst others who show us “their” Rio de Janeiro. more

Film Still "Deer Boy" Film Still "Deer Boy"
Katarzyna Gondek 2017 15 Min

Drama, Experimental, Fantasy, Short Film

A story about a hunter’s son, who was born with antlers, and about how each man kills the thing he loves. more

Film Still "Singled (Out)" Film Still "Singled (Out)"

Current Affairs, Documentary, Lifestyle

"Singled [Out]" tells the story of five women who are coming to terms with being single, finding their place in the modern world. Shot in Australia, China, Turkey and Spain, the film is an intimate and personal four-year journey, an exploration of what it means to be a single woman … more


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