Film Still "Princess Cyd"
Film Still "Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens"
Toyland1 Toyland1

Drama, History, Short Film

Germany 1942: In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner tried to make him believe that the Jewish neighbours are going on a journey to “Toyland”. One morning her son has disappeared - the Jewish nighbours too. TOYLAND is a film about guilt, responsibility, small and big lies. more

NOT_ME_Film_Still_RGB_05 NOT_ME_Film_Still_RGB_05
Pascal Hofmann 2020 78 Min

Art, Documentary

The film takes us on a journey through the eventful life of the contemporary Swiss artist Not Vital. Director Pascal Hofmann traces the driving force behind the restless cosmopolitan and establishes a dialogue between the motifs in Vital's work, his childhood dreams and the influences of his most important stations … more

OWN_scream OWN_scream
Tomer Eshed 2008 5 Min

Animation, Short Film

Wild Kingdom this is not. When two competing male shrews spot a female in heat, we become witness to a rare fight caught on film. Part nature doc, part Matrix and all shrew, this film will have you rolling in the aisles. more

Film Still "Princess Cyd" Film Still "Princess Cyd"
Stephen Cone 2017 97 Min

Drama, LGBTQ

PRINCESS CYD follows 16-year-old athlete Cyd Loughlin (Jessie Pinnick) while visiting her novelist aunt (Rebecca Spence) in Chicago over the summer. Eager to escape life with her depressive single father, Cyd falls for a girl in the neighborhood, while she and her aunt gently challenge each other in the realms … more

Film Still "Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens" Film Still "Carretera Austral - Vorstoß ins Herz Patagoniens"

Documentary, Environment & Nature

Chile’s Route 7 or Carretera Austral is an expression of mankind’s unstoppable drive for conquest. The road is meant to connect the centre of the country with its southern tip. For almost 50 years construction is in progress and yet it is far from completion. On Chile`s narrow territory the … more


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