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Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
Film Still "The Day the Sun Fell"
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Srdan Golubović 2013 112 Min


Bosnia - 1993. In the midst of the Bosnian war, Marko a Serbian soldier witnesses the bruta aggression of Haris, a Muslim civilian, by three fellow soldiers. Marko interferes and saves Haris but is beaten to death by the infuriated soldiers. 2008. The war is over but the wounds of … more

Charlot-s-evade_Chaplin_V1 Charlot-s-evade_Chaplin_V1
Charlie Chaplin 1917 25 Min

Comedy, Romance, Short Film

Charlie has just escaped from prison and saves a mother and her daughter (Edna) from drowning. To thank him, they take him into their home, where a society party is being held. In the space of a few hours, he goes from a convict's uniform to the most elegant dinner … more

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Aaron Moser 2021 88 Min

Documentary, Environment & Nature, Lifestyle

It is the story of father and son fighting their way through the wild of Eastafrica accompanied by the Massai- Nomads, following their ambitious and challenging dream to climb the top of the Kilimanjaro. 30 years ago father Achill wanted to experience this adventure with his father, after he travelled … more

Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons" Film Still "Love and 50 Megatons"
Cornelius Schick 2019 41 Min

Comedy, Romance

In a fictitious world, a wall goes through a country and its city. Both sides face each other irreconcilably. The film tells the story of the 40 year old rocket scientist Paul who falls in love with a supposed woman. Who, like him, is not absorbed with the irreconcilable differences … more

Film Still "The Day the Sun Fell" Film Still "The Day the Sun Fell"
Aya Domenig 2015 78 Min

Current Affairs, Documentary, History

Swiss-Japanese filmmaker Aya Domenig, the granddaughter of a doctor on duty for the Red Cross during the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima, approaches the experience of her deceased grandfather by tracing the lives of a doctor and of former nurses who once shared the same experience. While gathering the memories … more


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