Film Still "Ronaldo"
Film Still "Ente gut! Mädchen allein zu Haus"
Film Still "Hüter meines Bruders"
Film Still "The Priest’s Children"
Film Still "Ronaldo" Film Still "Ronaldo"

Art, Experimental, Short Film

A boy dreams of being a great soccer star. One morning he leaves the anonymity of his grey subarbs to enter the glaring light of the stadium. There he meets an unexpected opponent who puts him to the test. more

thelastcity_byheinzemigholz_withsusannesachssejonathanperel_copyrightfilmgalerie451 thelastcity_byheinzemigholz_withsusannesachssejonathanperel_copyrightfilmgalerie451
Heinz Emigholz 2020 100 Min


An archeologist and a weapons designer – who, in a prior life, knew each other as a filmmaker and a psychoanalyst – meet at an archeological excavation site in the Negev Desert and begin discussing love and war; a conversation they continue in the Israeli city of Be'er Sheva. The … more

Film Still "Ente gut! Mädchen allein zu Haus" Film Still "Ente gut! Mädchen allein zu Haus"
Norbert Lechner 2016 95 Min


Eleven-year-old Linh and her little sister Tien are suddenly on their own when their mother has to go to Vietnam to look after her sick grandmother. Nobody must know about this - especially not the youth welfare office. Linh is now not only responsible for Tien, but also has to … more

Film Still "Hüter meines Bruders" Film Still "Hüter meines Bruders"
Maximilian Leo 2013 88 Min


On the search for clues about the whereabouts of his brother Pietschi (30), Gregor (32) finds how little he actually knows about this one. While the signs point to a suicide. Gregor delves deeper and deeper into the life of his brother and threatens to lose. Without Pietschi, even Gregor … more

Film Still "The Priest’s Children" Film Still "The Priest’s Children"
Vinko Brešan 2013 93 Min

Comedy, Drama

Don Fabijan is a young priest who comes to serve on an unnamed small island in the Adriatic. In order to help increase birth rate on the island, he decides to pierce condoms before they are sold. He therefore teams up with the newsagent Petar and the pharmacist Marin. After … more


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