Film Still "Aren't You Happy?"
Film Still "Café Nagler"
Film Still "My father is coming"
Film Still "Wagenknecht"
Film Still "3x3"
Film Still "Aren't You Happy?" Film Still "Aren't You Happy?"
Susanne Heinrich 2019 80 Min


A girl roams through the city looking for a place to sleep. Along the way she meets young mothers who celebrate motherhood religiously, goes home with an abstinent existentialist for whom sex is “just another market”, and waits for the end of capitalism in a drag bar. Her attempt to … more

Film Still "Café Nagler" Film Still "Café Nagler"

Documentary, History

During the 1920s, Café Nagler was the hottest place in Berlin. The director embarks on a journey to find out what’s left of the legendary café owned by her family. After discovering that family myths don’t always match historical facts, she’ll re-create her family’s past together with her Berlin peers. more

Film Still "My father is coming" Film Still "My father is coming"
Monika Treut 1999 86 Min

Drama, Romance

Vicky works as a waitress and dreams of stardom, but her hopes are continually dashed by disastrous auditions and an unconquerable German accent. Her world threatens to disintegrate when she learns of the impending visit of her father, lured by stories of his daughter’s success in America. Vicky’s attempts to … more

Film Still "Wagenknecht" Film Still "Wagenknecht"
Sandra Kaudelka 2020 100 Min

Documentary, Politics

WAGENKNECHT is a multi-layered film about idealism and dedication to deeply held convictions. It tells the story of a life lived with and in the world of politics – and highlights the price one must pay to navigate the absurdities and forces of Berlin’s political scene. more

Film Still "3x3" Film Still "3x3"


Nuno Rocha 2009 6 Min

Comedy, Short Film

A night watchman plays basketball all night, perfecting his game. While the young cleaner on night duty is unable to keep up with him, he doesn't give up that easily. more


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