Christoph Schlingensief 1990 60 Min


The news of the fall of the Wall awakens the uninhibited bloodlust of a West German butcher family. In a neglected hotel kitchen they slaughter citizens of the former GDR; German reunification as a blood-drenched, cannibalistic act of the West incorporating the East. THE GERMAN CHAINSAW MASSACRE is the second … more

Rémi Mazet 2015 35 Min

Drama, Short Film

Joey is a young twenties wandering. Accompanied by his dog Yona, they travel the roads of France harvesting few pieces from here and there. Turning a little glorious break-in, his dog is bitten and do not heal. more

Göran Olsson, Lamin Daniel Jadama, Lars Lovén 2014 86 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary

The great music revolutions of our times have come from Africa, and the next one is brewing there right now. Soon, our local music industries will be swamped with it. Afrobeats, Azonto, Kuduro and South African House are club music styles based on traditional rhythms, becoming a means of expressing … more

François Ozon 2014 108 Min


Claire and Laura have been best friends since childhood. They grow up side by side, sharing all beautiful and sad experiences. But the friendship that seemed to last forever comes to an abrupt end when Laura dies. She leaves behind a little baby and her husband David. Claire has to … more

Jaak Kilmi, Lennart Laberenz 2015 58 Min

Current Affairs, Documentary, Environment & Nature

We live in an era of global consumption where the speed of consumption keeps increasing. It’s no secret that the fashion industry is at the forefront of this consumerist rally. The result is a perishing environment and imperceptibly large amounts of waste. The film unveils the black conscience hidden behind … more


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