Anka Schmid 2017 52 Min

Animation, Art, Documentary

In a playfully biographical manner, Anka Schmid recounts her generation’s hairy stories. Whether as a body ornament, political statement or even in the soup, hair is omnipresent – even when shaven. With an ingenious fusion of real-life and archive footage as well as stop- motion technique, the animadoc explores body … more


In the wake of a devastating forest wildfire that swept through Texas back in 1988, the thoughtful and disciplined Alvin, and his polar opposite but well-meaning brother-in-law, Lance, are hired to repair the scorched roads. However, against the backdrop of a summertime solitude in the ravaged land, little by little, … more

Peter Volkart 2018 77 Min

Cultures & Traditions, Documentary, History

Polaroid – an invention bordering on magic! In 1947, ingenious inventor Edwin Land made the impossible possible: press, wait, ready! Polaroid revolutionised photography. After just a short wait, you're holding the snapshots in your hand. This jaunty camera has fascinated artists and photographers for over half a century and today, … more

LGBTQ, Short Film

Innocence, sex and lust converge to tell the story of Guille, a teenager who seeks himself through others. more

Current Affairs, Documentary, Lifestyle

"Singled [Out]" tells the story of five women who are coming to terms with being single, finding their place in the modern world. Shot in Australia, China, Turkey and Spain, the film is an intimate and personal four-year journey, an exploration of what it means to be a single woman … more


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