Film Still "Blieschow"
Film Still "Hot Dog"
Film Still "Wicked Girl"
Film Still "Patision Avenue"
Film Still "Mascarpone"
Film Still "Blieschow" Film Still "Blieschow"
Christoph Sarow 2019 10 Min

Animation, Short Film

Vast plains, colorful backdrops, a red dog, that seems to rise up to the sky.This is how Tom experiences summer in Blieschow, his grandfathers farm. He feels overwhelmed by the the exuberance of nature and finds himself in a constant competition with his cousin Matthias, who is seemingly better at … more

Film Still "Hot Dog" Film Still "Hot Dog"

Experimental, Short Film

Hannah wasn't always happy about the existence of her 'Vajayjay'. She talks about how she used to imagine having sex would be like a Céline Dion song and how she discovered masturbation thanks to her PlayStation controller. She's in a love-hate relationship with her vagina and chronicles how her feelings … more

Film Still "Wicked Girl" Film Still "Wicked Girl"
Ayce Kartal 2017 8 Min

Animation, Drama, Short Film

S., 8 years old, is a little Turkish girl with an overflowing imagination. She is keen on nature and animals. While she is looking back on the good old days in her grandparents village from hospital room, dark and terrifying memories emerge and, little by little, begin to make sense. … more

Film Still "Patision Avenue" Film Still "Patision Avenue"

Drama, Short Film

Yanni’s mum is running late to an audition as a Shakespearean Viola. After she learns that her son is left home alone, she will fight to balance her most important roles in life through a series of phone calls, in a single-long-take shot in the most controversial area of central … more

Film Still "Mascarpone" Film Still "Mascarpone"
Jonas Riemer 2018 14 Min

Drama, Short Film

Francis, the dreamy film projectionist, accidentally crashes into the limousine of gangster boss Mascarpone. Suddenly he finds himself in a mobster film. Francis' dog Farfalle is taken hostage by Mascarpone’s gang and Francis is being forced to stand guard at their next bank robbery. When the coup fails he has … more

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