Penelope Buitenhuis 1993 87 Min

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Berlin at the beginning of the 1990s. Thousands of young people have come to the city to experience the new-found freedom. In the East, the struggle for occupied houses rages, and Kreuzberg experiences troubled times. Among the many who want to build a new life in the city without walls, is the Canadian Jonnie. She is young, impulsive and a great singer. She feels only contempt for her homeland. She’s happy working a ‘lousy’ job serving in a squatter bar, as long as she can be the frontwoman of the band “Jellobelly”.

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Direction: Penelope Buitenhuis

Cast: Erdal Yildiz, Françoise Cactus, Yvonne Ducksworth, Gode Benedix, Christian Giese


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