Short Film




The Ceiling

Teppo Airaksinen 2017 14 Min
In the midst of divorce, Olavi retreats to his summer …

Thanks for Dancing

Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken 2016 19 Min
Thanks for Dancing is a short film centred around a …


Jochen A. Freydank 2009 35 Min
Germany 1942: In order to protect her son Marianne Meißner …


Jesper V. Rasmussen 2015 29 Min
Sickened by its deadly violence, Lars is determined to leave …


Talkhon Hamzavi 2012 20 Min
Parvaneh is a young, Afghan migrant who lives in a …

Last Base

Aslak Danbolt 2014 15 Min
Joachim is retiring from base-jumping to become a father for …
Kiruan Kigali pressmaterial 10


Goran Kapetanovic 2012 15 Min
In the midst of frost and snow, a woman is …

I, Julia

Arvin Kananian 2020 15 Min
Julia is a 14 year old, living what seems to …
Highway_Publicity Still 4_Odessa Young


Vanessa Gazy 2016 10 Min
On a stark mountain highway, troubled teen hitchhiker Hester Black's …


Anders Walter 2013 23 Min
A young boy Alfred is dying, but through the stories …
Film Still "Leiber"


André Krummel, Jonas Schneider 2014 10 Min
Six months ago Felix started to work as an Escort. …
Film Still "Young, Fragile"

Young, Fragile

Joscha Bongard 2020 25 Min
At times of changing gender roles, a Tinder date encourages …
Film Still "Am Cu Ce - Pride"

Am Cu Ce - Pride

Hannah Weissenborn 2019 19 Min
Romanian truck driver Stancu has given his nephew Dragan a …
Film Still "Blue Summer Symphony"

Blue Summer Symphony

Sinje Köhler 2017 29 Min
A public pool, a sociotope. A scene of daydreaming and …
Film Still "The Summer Film"

The Summer Film

Emmanuel Marre 2017 31 Min
It is a film about motorway, tourists under transhumance, concrete …
Film Still "Pact"


Scott Patterson 1996 10 Min
A couple attempts several unsuccesfull suicides: death pills, guns and …
Film Still "Bye"


Stefan Schneider, Walter Feistle 1993 6 Min
A round dance of different young lovers at the station. …
Film Still "Berlin Metanoia"

Berlin Metanoia

Erik Schmitt 2016 15 Min
Threatening clouds gather over Berlin. While all citizens practise their …
Film Still "Fuck You"

Fuck You

Anette Sidor 2018 15 Min
On a night out with friends, Alice steals a strap-on …
Film Still "Sorry Not Sorry"

Sorry Not Sorry

Julia Thelin 2019 898 Min
Feride is on her way home from a party when …
Film Still "So We Live"

So We Live

Rand Abou Fakher 2020 15 Min
A family in a war torn country spends what seems …
Film Still "Fly"


Piotr J. Lewandowski 2009 26 Min
Dima lives in fear of being deportetd from Germany. A …
Film Still "Import"


Ena Sendijarević 2016 17 Min
A young Bosnian refugee family ends up in a small …
Film Still "Rhino Full Throttle"

Rhino Full Throttle

Stephan Müller, Erik Schmitt 2013 15 Min
Bruno is making his way through the city searching for …
Film Still "My Gay Sister"

My Gay Sister

Lia Hietala 2017 15 Min
Majken has known that she is a lesbian since she …
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