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A collection of films by the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin is an iconic figure in the history of cinema. From the slapstick humour of "One A.M." to the heartfelt narrative of "The Immigrant," his films capture the essence of the human condition with unparalleled wit and charm. Classics like "The Vagabond," "The Rink," and "The Floorwalker" showcase Chaplin's mastery of physical comedy and storytelling, while "The Fireman" and "The Adventurer" further solidify his status as a cinematic legend. With each flicker of his iconic moustache, Chaplin effortlessly blends laughter with poignant social commentary, inviting audiences to both laugh and reflect on the world around them. In "By the Sea" and "The Cure," Chaplin's unique blend of humour and pathos shines through, making him a beloved and enduring figure in cinematic history.

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