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A collection of films from the programs of Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale).


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Film Still "Love Sick"

Love Sick

Tudor Giurgiu 2006 85 Min
Love. It just happens. No rules. It may look sick, …
Film Still "Ten Meter Tower"

Ten Meter Tower

Maximilien van Aertryck, Axel Danielson 2016 17 Min
A 10 meter diving tower. People who have never been …
Film Still "Fly"


Piotr J. Lewandowski 2009 26 Min
Dima lives in fear of being deportetd from Germany. A …
Film Still "Three Centimetres"

Three Centimetres

Lara Zeidan 2018 9 Min
Four Lebanese girls go on a Ferris wheel ride to …
Film Still "Westerland"


Tim Staffel 2012 90 Min
Jesús and Cem meet one winter on the German North …
Film Still "Wagenknecht"


Sandra Kaudelka 2020 100 Min
WAGENKNECHT is a multi-layered film about idealism and dedication to …
Film Still "Seduction: The Cruel Woman"

Seduction: The Cruel Woman

Monika Treut, Elfi Mikesch 1985 84 Min
Wanda is a dominatrix who runs a gallery in a …
Film Still "Usedom – Clear View at the Sea"

Usedom – Clear View at the Sea

Heinz Brinkmann 2018 95 Min
For Berliners, the Baltic island of Usedom was once the …
Film Still "En Route"

En Route

Jan Krüger 2004 81 Min
Three young people are spending their holidays on a camping …
Film Still "Among Men – Gay in East Germany"

Among Men – Gay in East Germany

Ringo Rösener, Markus Stein 2012 91 Min
More than two decades ago, a country in Europe existed …
Film Still "Land of Storms"

Land of Storms

Ádám Császi 2014 105 Min
Szabolcs plays in a German football team, as does Bernard. …
Film Still "Harvest"


Benjamin Cantu 2011 83 Min
During harvest, hands are working every day. The crop has …
Film Still "The Summer of Sangaile"

The Summer of Sangaile

Alanté Kavaïté 2014 88 Min
17 year-old Sangaïlé, is fascinated by stunt planes. Afraid of …
Film Still "Light Gradient"

Light Gradient

Jan Krüger 2009 75 Min
Two young men, Johann and Robin, take a trip to …
Film Still "It’s all so Quiet"

It’s all so Quiet

Nanouk Leopold 2013 93 Min
Helmer, a single farmer in his fifties, lives with his …
Film Still "Oma & Bella"

Oma & Bella

Alexa Karolinski 2012 75 Min
Oma & Bella is an intimate glimpse into the world …
Film Still "My father is coming"

My father is coming

Monika Treut 1999 86 Min
Vicky works as a waitress and dreams of stardom, but …
Film Still "The Misandrists"

The Misandrists

Bruce LaBruce 2017 91 Min
The Misandrists refers to a secret cell of feminist terrorists …
Film Still "Minyan"


Eric Steel 2020 118 Min
A young Russian Jewish immigrant in Brighton Beach, caught up …
Film Still "My Wonderful West Berlin"

My Wonderful West Berlin

Jochen Hick 2017 95 Min
Today's hip image of Berlin is based on the city’s …
Film Still "How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)"

How to Win at Checkers (Every Time)

Josh Kim 2015 80 Min
What can you do to change your fate? On the …
Film Still "Red Cow"

Red Cow

Tsivia Barkai Yacov 2018 90 Min
Benny’s hair is as red as the fur of her …
Film Still "Lollipop Monster"

Lollipop Monster

Ziska Riemann 2011 96 Min
Two girls, Ari and Oona, dream of breaking free. The …
Film Still "Little Men"

Little Men

Ira Sachs 2016 85 Min
When 13-year-old Jake's (Theo Taplitz) grandfather dies, his family moves …
Film Still "Piece of Land"

Piece of Land

Volker Koepp 2016 122 Min
Idyllic landscape shots and conversations with local inhabitants convey the …
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