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Petros Silvestros 2014 8 Min
Mike, a sulky teenager has to do a boring job …

The Amber Amulet

Matthew Moore 2013 22 Min
Liam is 10 and knows everything about the positive energy …

Winter Nomads

Manuel von Stürler 2012 90 Min
Carole and Pascal set off in winter for the migration …

Then Is It the End?

Dominik Graf 2015 120 Min
Critic Michael Althen knew how to motivate a passionate dialogue …


Miguel Gomes 2012 113 Min
Two elderly women, Pilar (Teresa Madruga) and Santa (Isabel Muñoz …

Prince Avalanche

David Gordon Green 2013 94 Min
In the wake of a devastating forest wildfire that swept …


Gustavo Taretto 2011 90 Min
Martín and Mariana are slightly damaged people who live in …

love, peace & beatbox

Volker Meyer-Dabisch 2007 71 Min
Hissing, chirping, crackling, squeaking, clucking, thumping or a simple pop …

Love Sick

Tudor Giurgiu 2006 85 Min
Love. It just happens. No rules. It may look sick, …

The Virgin, the Copts and Me

Namir Abdel Messeeh 2011 85 Min
Namir's mother is a Coptic Christian. She is convinced that …


Edward Berger 2014 98 Min
For JACK (10), having a family is the most important …


Sacha Polak 2015 90 Min
For 10 years, Nina and Boris were a couple. Then …

In Order of Disappearance

Hans Petter Moland 2014 112 Min
Nils ploughs snow in the wild winter mountains of Norway, …


Ben Adler 2014 14 Min
A divorced father, takes his 14 years-old son to France …

Berlin Recyclers

Nikki Schuster 2012 6 Min
There’s rubbish and graffiti everywhere – but that’s just perfect. …


Matthew Moore 2011 13 Min
Nine-year-old Julian is an attentive, precise boy who likes to …

The Pearl Button

Patricio Guzmán 2015 82 Min
The ocean contains the history of all humanity. The sea …

The Parade

Srdjan Dragojevic 2012 115 Min
Berlinale 2012 / Panorama

It Might Get Loud

Davis Guggenheim 2008 97 Min
Rock icons --Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White - …

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