EFA Young Audience Award


The creation of the European Film Academy was the initiative of a group of Europe’s finest filmmakers brought together on the occasion of the first European Film Awards Ceremony in November 1988. It now unites more than 4,000 European film professionals and seeks to support and connect these members and celebrates and promotes their work. The Academy’s aims are to share knowledge and to educate audiences of all ages about European cinema. Positioning itself as a leading organisation and facilitating crucial debates within the industry, the Academy strives to unite everyone who loves European cinema.

That also includes younger film-lovers and as an official category of the European Film Awards, the YOUNG AUDIENCE AWARD presents three European films to 12-14-year-old audiences across Europe. The young audiences participating in the YAA screenings act as a jury and vote for the winner who receives the European Film Awards statuette.

On AVA StreamBerlin the European Film Academy showcases five films that were nominated for or awarded with the Young Audience Award.

Films in this category


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