Focus: Home Sweet Home

From homecomings to homelands, homemaking and homesickness, the theme of home runs deep throughout this selection of films - begging the question of what the home is; a physical space or something much deeper?

Films in this category

Hackney Lullabies

Kyoko Miyake 2011 11 Min
Every night under Hackney skies, mothers from faraway lands create ...

The Amazing Catfish

Claudia Sainte-Luce 2013 87 Min
Claudia, a lonely young woman, works in a supermarket. One ...

A Man, His Lover, and His Mother

Marcel Gisler 2013 106 Min
Lorenz Meran, (40) a successful gay author suffering acute writers' ...


Gustavo Taretto 2011 90 Min
Martín and Mariana are slightly damaged people who live in ...

The Fencer

Klaus Härö 2015 90 Min
Fleeing from the Russian secret police because of his controversial ...

In the Basement

Ulrich Seidl 2014 82 Min
People and their cellars are a very unique duo. The ...


Yared Zeleke 2015 90 Min
When Ephraim, an Ethiopian boy, is sent from his homeland ...


Dietrich Brüggemann 2012 118 Min
Eight friends help each other to move - over and ...

Zaza, Kurd

Simone Amendola 2017 16 Min
Hamza has been living in Italy as a refugee since ...

Can I come in?

Fariborz Kamkari 2016 17 Min
Simona and Barbara work in a Center for the housing ...

BELES - The season of prickly pears

Massimo Ruggiero 2016 15 Min
This documentary explores the stories and daily lives of Eritrean ...

To my father

Gabriel Laderas, Alessio Tamborini 2017 15 Min
A son talks about the sacrifices his father made in ...


Stefano Valentini, Niccolò Signorini 2017 16 Min
A documentary about a Nigerian immigrant in Italy, eight years ...

The giraffe without a leg

Fausto Romano 2018 15 Min
Salvatore Principe is a grumpy retired lawyer who spends most ...

Still Walking

Hirokazu Kore-eda 2008 115 Min
Twelve years after their beloved eldest son, Junpei, drowned while ...


Mike Magidson 2012 86 Min
In Greenland's capital, 16-year-old Inuk lives a troubled life with ...


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