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The Book of Birdie

Elizabeth E. Schuch 2017 91 Min
In a candlelit bathroom, teenage Birdie delicately anoints her body …
Film Still "Hotel"


Jessica Hausner 2004 83 Min
When Irene takes a position at a hotel deep in …
Film Still "Love Sick"

Love Sick

Tudor Giurgiu 2006 85 Min
Love. It just happens. No rules. It may look sick, …
Film Still "Dr. Ketel"

Dr. Ketel

Linus de Paoli 2011 80 Min
Berlin's notorious Neukoelln district. The near future, a time in …


Srdan Golubović 2013 112 Min
Bosnia - 1993. In the midst of the Bosnian war, …

The Ocean Waif

Alice Guy Blaché 1916 39 Min
An abused woman finds love in the arms of a …
Good Manners still 5

Good Manners

Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra 2017 135 Min
Clara, a lonely nurse from the outskirts of São Paulo, …
Film Still "You, the Living"

You, the Living

Roy Andersson 2007 86 Min
In the Swedish city of Lethe, people from different walks …
Clemen Osito - Jimena Monteoliva


Jimena Monteoliva 2017 90 Min
After being brutally attacked by her husband, Juana returns home. …
AVA - ANW STILL.0103962 copy

A Nightmare Wakes

Nora Unkel 2021 90 Min
A Nightmare Wakes is a film inspired by the torrid …
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Rise of the Phoenix

Ngumi Wang'ombe 2023 106 Min
Ajabu Olailepo, a spirited city girl who gets separated from …
Ayaanle 2


Ahmed Farah 2022 95 Min
Ayaanle is the story of a 21 year old Somali …
TALIYA-Taliya hovers-Media Hub Africa


Arnold Mwanjila 2021 118 Min
In an idyllic fishing village off the coast of Kenya, …
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The Pretty Ones Are The Loneliest

Imoh Umoren 2022 73 Min
Emem is a 37-year old woman in a rocky marriage …
Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 11.10.39 copy

Hidden Dreams

Ngang Romanus 2021 96 Min
When they meet a talented girl with no schooling, a …
Film Still "Grand Hotel"

Grand Hotel

Arild Fröhlich 2016 95 Min
An alcoholic and a boy with Tourette's syndrome are forced …
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Käthe Kollwitz

Ron Orders 1981 44 Min
Dramatisation of the last few months in the life of …
Private Enterprise

A Private Enterprise

Peter K. Smith 1974 72 Min
Documents one Asian immigrant's problematic pursuit of both entrepreneurial success …
Silent Shakespeare #2

Silent Shakespeare

William Kennedy-Laurie Dickson, Percy Stow, J. Stuart Blackton, Charles Kent, Gerolamo Lo Savio 1999 88 Min
A compilation of seven silent film adaptations of plays by …
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Death & The Compass

Alex Cox 1996 82 Min
Lonnrot, an infallible detective, declares war on the notorious outlaw …
Man of Africa #2

Man of Africa

Cyril Frankel 1953 71 Min
Records the migration of a Uganda tribe to a foreign …
speak like a child

Speak Like a Child

John Akomfrah 1998 77 Min
Charts the psychological journey of three friends, Sammy, Billy and …
Sixth Happiness #5

Sixth Happiness

Waris Hussein 1997 98 Min
Fictional biography of the life of disabled author Firdaus Kanga, …
Nineteen Nineteen #3

Nineteen Nineteen

Hugh Brody 1984 99 Min
A man and woman meet in Vienna in 1970 and …
Anchoress #4


Christopher Newby 1993 106 Min
In Shere, in Surrey during the 14th century, 14-year-old Christine …
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