French Shorts


A collection of short films from L’Agence du Court Métrage, a short film agency based in Paris.
From the early short film by Jean-Pierre Jeunet "Foutaises" (1989) to the recent short film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul "Blue" (2018), the collection showcases the wide variety of short films produced in France.

Films in this category

Film Still "Le skate moderne"

Le skate moderne

Antoine Besse 2014 7 Min
Somewhere between fiction and documentary, this video contemplatively follows a …
Film Still "Tigres à la queue Leu Leu"

Tigres à la queue Leu Leu

Benoît Chieux 2014 8 Min
An extremely lazy young boy is harassed by his mother …
Film Still "Dans les eaux profondes"

Dans les eaux profondes

Sarah Van Den Boom 2014 12 Min
Three characters have in common a secret and intimate experience …
Film Still "Voiler la face"

Voiler la face

Ibtissem Guerda 2015 16 Min
Amine is a young Salafist muslim man who is very …
Film Still "Pour ton bien"

Pour ton bien

Ibtissem Guerda 2012 17 Min
Half angel half demon, Brahim Omri leads his little world …
Film Still "L’Ile jaune"

L’Ile jaune

Léa Mysius, Paul Guilhaume 2015 30 Min
Ena, eleven, meets a young fisherman on the harbour. He …
Film Still "Foutaises"


Jean-Pierre Jeunet 1989 7 Min
"All what I like, all what I don't like". Jeunet's …
Film Still "La mère à boire"

La mère à boire

Laurence Côte 2015 12 Min
A car parked in of a suburban house. Inside, Ariane …
Film Still "Rhapsody"


Constance Meyer 2015 15 Min
A lonely sixty-year-old man lives in a small apartment on …
Film Still "Celui qui domptait les nuages"

Celui qui domptait les nuages

Julie Rembauville 2015 4 Min
At the top of a canyon the old Indian Flying …
Film Still "Fais croquer"

Fais croquer

Yassine Qnia 2011 22 Min
Yassine, a passionate young film lover, wants to shoot a …
Film Still "Le phénomène de Raynaud"

Le phénomène de Raynaud

Lionel Nakache 2016 13 Min
In a large film set a technician installs the lights. …
Film Still "Parmi les sirènes"

Parmi les sirènes

Marie Jardillier 2016 12 Min
It is decided. Marion, a 30 years old girl, gonna …
Film Still "Fox-Terrier"


Hubert Charuel 2016 14 Min
Daniel and his three-legged fox terrier Cajou join Hervé for …
Film Still "Blue"


Apichatpong Weerasethakul 2018 12 Min
A woman lies awake at night. Nearby, a set of …
Film Still "Les indes galantes"

Les indes galantes

Clément Cogitore 2017 5 Min
The krump is a dance born in the black ghettos …
Film Still "Ménage"


Pierre Salvadori 1992 12 Min
Blanche is a housekeeping 'maniac'. After a restless, sleepless night, …
Film Still "La Carte"

La Carte

Stéfan Le Lay 2009 8 Min
A young man is living in a colour postcard. He’s …
Film Still "Au bruit des clochettes"

Au bruit des clochettes

Chabname Zariab 2015 26 Min
In Afghanistan, the "batchas" are young male prostitutes who live …
Film Still "La Nuit des sacs plastiques"

La Nuit des sacs plastiques

Gabriel Harel 2018 18 Min
Agathe, 39, has but one obsession: to have a child. …
Film Still "Réveiller les morts"

Réveiller les morts

Morgan Simon 2015 11 Min
Two brothers decide to revive what still unites them, one …
Film Still "Yùl et le serpent"

Yùl et le serpent

Gabriel Harel 2015 13 Min
Yùl, 13 years old, goes with his big brother Dino …
Film Still "Nicolas et Guillemette"

Nicolas et Guillemette

Virginie Taravel 2008 10 Min
An old scoubidou puppets’ inventor abandons his workshop. Nicolas, the …
Film Still "Inupiluk"


Sébastien Betbeder 2014 34 Min
Tomorrow, Ole and Adam, two Inuit friends of Thomas' father, …
Film Still "Un monde sans bêtes"

Un monde sans bêtes

Emma Benestan, Adrien Lecouturier 2017 26 Min
Theo, 14, dreams of being a manadier. He starts his …
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