love, peace & beatbox

Volker Meyer-Dabisch 2007 71 Min

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Hissing, chirping, crackling, squeaking, clucking, thumping or a simple pop - there is no sound a ‘Beatbox-Crack’ can’t mimic with his mouth. Beatboxing or mouth-drumming is the fifth element of hip-hop after rap, djing, breakdancing and graffiti. As in many other cities, a complex scene has developed in Berlin in recent years.

Berlin is home to 4xsamples. They are among the most popular Beatboxers in the City. The Beatbox Championship invented by DJ Mesia, BeeLow and Maxim, who was murdered in 2003, has now travelled to Australia.

In 2006, the filmmaker Volker Meyer-Dabisch began to observe members of the beatbox scene during their performances and rehearsals. He introduces the most important players on the scene, gets involved in their cosmos of sounds, rhythms and beats, listens to their art and introduces the audience to the world of beatboxing.

Berlinale 2008 / Generation

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Direction: Volker Meyer-Dabisch

Cast: Zeero, Mastee, Ro Beat, Darkmanz, Steff la Cheffe



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