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In four episodes, the film portrays the encounters between “couch surfers” and their hosts in four different places in Europe. In Stuttgart, Swabian publisher Annette meets Pawel, a Polish happy go lucky, while in Spain, her niece Nina is expecting a big fiesta but instead comes upon a deaf old man. Meanwhile Matti, a freshly minted high school graduate, is hoping for a grand adventure in Paris, while the two Erasmus students Reka and Alma wander through Frankfurt desperately searching their hosts. They are all on a quest for adventure, something different or just an authentic travel experience and meet up with people they might otherwise never have encountered...

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Direction: Isabel Braak

Script: Ruth Amrei Kriener

Cast: Maria Dragus, Samuel Schneider, Helen Woigk, Hélène Kuhn, Ilja Pletner, Babett Arens, Sarah Megan Allouch Mainier, Lore Richter

Original Title: Couchmovie

Original Languages: English, French, German, Spanish

Subtitles: German

Film Production Country: Germany


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