My Skinny Sister

Sanna Lenken 2014 94 Min

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12-year-old Stella is in the midst of puberty. She struggles with self-doubt, loses herself in daydreams andis in love with her figure-skating teacher and does not know how to tell him.

It is another problem however, weighs much heavier on her mind: Stellas sister Katja, a talented figure skater, and her biggest role model, has a secret - she is anorexic. Stella quickly realizes that something is wrong with her sister and wants to tell her parents, but Katja forces her to be silent. Katja's illness slowly begins to split the family.

A story about growing up, love, trust and betrayal - lovingly old with great young actors.

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Direction: Sanna Lenken

Cast: Rebecka Josephson, Amy Diamond, Maxim Mehmet


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