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Film Still "Prince Avalanche"

Prince Avalanche

David Gordon Green 2013 94 Min
In the wake of a devastating forest wildfire that swept …
Film Still "The Amber Amulet"

The Amber Amulet

Matthew Moore 2013 22 Min
Liam is 10 and knows everything about the positive energy …
Film Still "The Priest’s Children"

The Priest’s Children

Vinko Brešan 2013 93 Min
Don Fabijan is a young priest who comes to serve …
Film Still "Master of the Universe"

Master of the Universe

Marc Bauder 2013 88 Min
Billions passed through his hands. He himself is amazed when …
Film Still "The Kiosk"

The Kiosk

Anete Melece 2013 7 Min
Olga owns a kiosk and is always cheerful. She knows …
Film Still "Moritz and the Woodwose"

Moritz and the Woodwose

Bryn Chainey 2013 20 Min
Moritz finds it hard to accept his brother's grave illness. …
Film Still "Iceberg"


Maya Rudolph 2013 14 Min
Nova, a twenty-two year old drummer in a Beijing rock …
Film Still "Little Secret"

Little Secret

Martin Krejcí 2013 20 Min
A short film inspired by the recent true story of …
Film Still "Five Years"

Five Years

Stefan Schaller 2013 96 Min
How Murat Kurnaz ended up in Guantanamo Bay is a …
Film Still "Bethlehem"


Yuval Adler 2013 96 Min
Tells the story of the complex relationship between an Israeli …
Film Still "Finn"


Frans Weisz 2013 90 Min
Finn lives with his father, a carpenter. Both are grieving …
Film Still "For No Eyes only"

For No Eyes only

Tali Barde 2013 97 Min
When teenage computer geek Sam is unwillingly chained to his …
Film Still "Ida"


Pawel Pawlikowski 2013 80 Min
Poland, 1962. Anna, an orphan brought up by nuns in …
Film Still "A Man, His Lover, and His Mother"

A Man, His Lover, and His Mother

Marcel Gisler 2013 106 Min
Lorenz Meran, (40) a successful gay author suffering acute writers' …
Film Still "Tom at the Farm"

Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan 2013 105 Min
The story of Tom, who is in the grip of …
Film Still "Song from the Forest"

Song from the Forest

Michael Obert 2013 97 Min
As a young man, Louis Sarno heard a song on …
Film Still "Suzanne"


Katell Quillévéré 2013 90 Min
A single mother in adolescence, Suzanne lives with her father …
Film Still "The Amazing Catfish"

The Amazing Catfish

Claudia Sainte-Luce 2013 87 Min
Claudia, a lonely young woman, works in a supermarket. One …
Film Still "The Past"

The Past

Asgaar Farhadi 2013 130 Min
Coming back to accomplish the divorce procedure, Ahmad an Iranian …
Film Still "Maybe later"

Maybe later

Philipp Döring 2013 17 Min
All that is missing is one last signature and everyone …
Film Still "Show Me Rio"

Show Me Rio

Rita Sousa Tavares, José Maria Cyrne 2013 41 Min
The best way to discover a city is through its …
Film Still "La lampe au beurre de Yak"

La lampe au beurre de Yak

Hu Wei 2013 16 Min
A young itinerant photographer and his assistant suggest to Tibetan …
Film Still "The Path of KUMIODORI"


Atsushi Sunagawa, Chikako Yamashiro 2013 20 Min
Takeshi works for museum personnel as well as for performer …
Film Still "Cat in the Bag"

Cat in the Bag

Nils Skapāns 2013 7 Min
It is nice and fun to have a cat or …
Film Still "The Smortlybacks"

The Smortlybacks

Wouter Dierickx, Ted Sieger 2013 6 Min
On a tabletop mountain a mahout and his strange herd …
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