Three Outlaw Samurai

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The ronin Shiba Sakon comes across a disturbance in a village under the control of the local magistrate Matsushita Uzaemon, where peasants crying over bad harvests and heavy taxes are trying to extort the magistrate's daughter Aya as a hostage. Sakon, with his chivalrous nature, joins the peasants and kicks aside the rushing officials in an attempt to get Aya back. Matsushita, fearing that the peasants would appeal to the lord returning from Edo, hunts down the ronin Kikyo Ekinosuke, Sakura Kyojuro and other delinquents and attacks the water mill where the peasants are holed up. However, Einosuke and Kyojuro realize that the peasants are righteous people, and join forces with Sakon.

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Direction: Hideo Gosya

Script: Keiichi Abe, Eizaburo Shiba, Hideo Gosya

Production: Shochiku

Cast: Tetsuro Tanba, Hirajiro Miki, Isamu Nagato, Miyuki Kuwano, Toshie Kimura

Original Title: 三匹の侍

Original Language: Japanese

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Japan


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