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Found 45 films with »2014«

The Culpable

Gerd Schneider 2014 95 Min
The life and faith of a Catholic prison minister is …

Be My Baby

Christina Schiewe 2014 101 Min
Nicole is 18 and has Down syndrome. She wants to …

Tigres à la queue Leu Leu

Benoît Chieux 2014 8 Min
An extremely lazy young boy is harassed by his mother …

In the Crosswind

Martti Helde 2014 83 Min
An emotional and tragic movie about mass deportation to Siberia …

The Blue Room

Mathieu Amalric 2014 80 Min
A man and a woman, secretly in love, alone in …

The Little Bird and the Squirrel

Lena von Döhren 2014 4 Min
Its autumn. At the end of a branch hangs a …


Sébastien Betbeder 2014 34 Min
Tomorrow, Ole and Adam, two Inuit friends of Thomas' father, …


Laura Lehmus 2014 7 Min
An animation-short about puberty, based on real life interviews with …


Andrés Clariond Rangel 2014 88 Min
I‘ve never had a Hilda Susana Le Marchand, 63, a …

Open Windows

Michèle Massé 2014 62 Min
In Madrid and in Paris, Boti, Empar, Micheline and Jocelyne, …

Illustration : compostage

Elise Auffray 2014 2 Min
The composting phenomenon that lasts on average 6 months is …

Far From Men

David Oelhoffen 2014 97 Min
Algeria, 1954. Two very different men thrown together by a …


Tomas Leach 2014 7 Min
One of the last remaining secrets that men still hold …

Porn Punk Poetry

Maurice Hübner 2014 41 Min
A male prostitute who almost forgot the meaning of real …


Robert Gwisdek 2014 15 Min
Through unknown circumstances, a young man gets caught up in …

7 Days in Kigali

Mehdi Ba & Jeremy Frey 2014 60 Min
What happened in Rwanda in 1994 was not simply the …

Corn Island

George Ovashvili 2014 96 Min
Swollen up by the spring inundation, the river falls down …

Dans les eaux profondes

Sarah Van Den Boom 2014 12 Min
Three characters have in common a secret and intimate experience …


Thorsten Wenning 2014 81 Min
In the thirst for adventure young teacher Daniel heads off …

Ghost Hour

Nils Skapāns 2014 7 Min
As every evening, the Ghost goes to work – to …

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