Tunguska – The Crates Are Here

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Three avant-garde researchers on the verge of a nervous breakdown, a couple looking for gasoline – and Alfred Edel, who makes them all finished. A manifesto read in the opening credits of the film formulates the intention to discover and research new aspects of the film language. It is important to expose the hysteria surrounding the outdated New German film - also the masquerade, consisting of
political and aesthetic utopias.

„Tunguska – The Crates Are Here“ is an demand to fight against the rules of cinematic realism and the third part of his „Trilogy of Film Criticism – Film as Neurosis“.

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Direction: Christoph Schlingensief

Script: Christoph Schlingensief

Cast: Irene Fischer, Mathias Colli, Alfred Edel, Anna Fechter, Vladimir Konetzny, Norbert Schliewe, Volker Bertzky, Christopher Krieg (Christoph Schlingensief)

Original Title: Tunguska - Die Kisten sind da

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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