The Boda Boda Thieves

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Even though he is only 15 years old, when his father is injured in a road accident Abel takes up the responsibility of manning the family boda boda to provide for the family.
Abel however, is always on the lookout for a shortcut and when a local hustler offer’s him the chance of being a snatch and grab get-away driver, he lurches headlong into a world of easy money and quick thrills.
It all turns sour though when Abel himself
is robbed of his father’s boda boda. He is now forced to pile lie upon lie to his parents and the authorities as he searches for the stolen motorbike through the underbelly of Kampala.

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Direction: Donald Mugisha, James Tayler

Script: Donald Mugisha, James Tayler, Wanjiku S. Muhoho

Cast: Hassan ‘Spike’ Insingoma, Prossy Rukundo, Saul Mwesigwa, Michael Wawuyo, Peace Birungi

Original Title: Abaabi ba boda boda

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, Germany


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