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In Goma (DRC), Congolese filmmaker and journalist Bernadette Vivuya seeks funding for her decolonial film. At the same time, a Dutch crew wants to make a film about the conflicting perspectives of Goma, but is quickly confronted with the local community's refusal to be filmed. This sparks a conversation around power and trust, coloniality and representation. "Stop Filming Us, but Listen" explores the history of colonial representation in the Congo and follows the journey of Bernadette and her fellow local artists as they strive to challenge the Western narrative around their city.

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Direction: Bernadette Vivuya, Kagoma Twahirwa

Script: Bernadette Vivuya, Kagoma Twahirwa, Ganza Buroko

Original Title: Stop Filming Us, But Listen

Original Languages: English, French, Swahili

Subtitles: English

Film Production Countries: Congo (the Democratic Republic of the), Netherlands


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