Signals of Hope (Frankfurter Buchmesse) - Nur Jaber

United We Stream 2020 64 Min

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In the crisis year 2020, the Frankfurt Book Fair wants to show the potential of the "Principle of Hope" and send "Signals of Hope" in the midst of a culture of indignation and conspiracy theories - not only to the cultural and literary businesses shaken by the Corona crisis, but to the whole world. It is important to open up spaces of opportunity in which hope can arise and to give hopeful voices from society and literature a platform.
At Hopeful Beats, authors recorded hopeful lines from their books, fitting a topic of the day at the Frankfurt Book Fair. These audio tracks are creatively mixed into their set by DJs. The subtopics are Raise Hope, Hope is Diverse, Hope and Action and Climate of Hope.

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Production: United We Stream

Composition: Nur Jaber (DJ)

Original Title: Signals of Hope (Frankfurter Buchmesse) - Nur Jaber

Original Language: No dialogue

Film Production Country: Germany

Website: United We Stream


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