Of neo-Nazis and superheroes – How the far right is changing a small German town

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There’s a rift within Themar: between right wing extremists and their opponents. In the film, all relevant parties get a chance to speak: the landlord of the concert field, committed members of the Church, a citizen speaking for many who won’t comment publicly, themselves, and a mayor who actively opposes the far right – in a town where the AfD became the strongest political force during the last election. The film offers unseen insights into a right-wing parallel world that was able to establish itself, locally. In Themar one can observe how a societal shift to the right takes place and what guises and effects creative forms of protest could have. Thus, Themar becomes a textbook example of democracy and why it’s threatening to fail.

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Direction: Adrian Oeser

Original Title: Von Neonazis und Superhelden - Die Kleinstadt Themar und der Rechtsrock

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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