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Anna and Marie are two women who could possibly love each other.

Marie wants to be open to this new overwhelming feeling, even if she has to throw away all that she has ever held to be right, even if it hurts. No more compromises. Anna on the other hand, enjoys the attention from this gentle soft girl Marie, who seems to love her, not in spite of but also because of her sharp edges. It could all be so easy if it weren’t for Zoe, the woman who has been at Anna’s side for years.

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Direction: Lena Knauss

Script: Lena Knauss

Cast: Lara Beckmann, Bettina Hoppe, Lisa-Marie Janke, Björn Bonn, Silja Bächli

Original Title: Kirschrot

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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