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During harvest, hands are working every day. The crop has to be stored, the barn kept clean and if a cow refuses to bond with her calf, it is raised by hand. Marko (22) is an apprentice working on a large agricultural farm in the Nuthe-Urstrom valley, some 60 kilometers south of Berlin. If he passes his final examinations he will be a fully fledged farmer. That is, if he really wants it. But Marko is more of a loner, who rather dreams to escape in the old Lada Niva, which is rotting on the grounds. One day Jacob (19) turns up, a somewhat younger intern with two left hands. Suddenly Marko’s day dreaming breaks are not his own anymore, and suddenly there is this strong feeling of desire to another man.

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Direction: Benjamin Cantu

Script: Benjamin Cantu

Cast: Lukas Steltner, Kai-Michael Müller

Original Title: Stadt Land Fluss

Original Language: German

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Germany


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