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Arnaud Robert faithfully describes the adventures of a Benin musical combo – the irresistible Gangbé Brass Band. They depart in a bid to conquer the city of Lagos in Nigeria to perform with Femi Kuti at the Shrine. The famous club is a symbol of Afrobeat, created in the 1970s by Femi’s father, the late and legendary Fela Kuti.

Gangbé! tells of the clash between two Africas. In this exciting journey to the metropolis, the adventures of a continent are revealed; the new cultural poles of the South and the gaps that still separate these neighboring countries. It encounters contemporary ideals of Pan-Africanism, the Gangbé Brass Band finds themselves immersed in a world of new ideas.

It is a journey in a contemporary and different Africa, one that no longer solely aspires to the European dream. In a poetic and funky fashion, it opens up new horizons.

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Direction: Arnaud Robert

Original Title: GANGBÉ!

Original Languages: English, French, Yoruba

Subtitles: English

Film Production Country: Switzerland


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