Erwin Wurm – The Artist who Swallowed the World

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Over the course of four years, the artist let us follow him with a camera and gave us an insight into his world, his work, his art. We are present when he develops a new artwork and puts it together. And we stay put when the pressure of being an artist is mounting and he looses his cool. During quiet moments in conversation, he recounts stories about his family and how experiences in his childhood have influenced his work as an artist. And he is frank about the global art "business" that he sometimes views as a "hyena".

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Direction: Laurin Merz

Script: Laurin Merz

Cast: Erwin Wurm

Original Title: Erwin Wurm – Der Künstler der die Welt verschluckt

Original Languages: English, German, French

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany


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