Death & The Compass

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Lonnrot, an infallible detective, declares war on the notorious outlaw Red Scharlach after Scharlach pulls off a particularly daring robbery. The mysterious murder of a Talmudic priest provides Lonnrot with a clue which leads him and Inspector Treviranus to the Liverpool Bar, in search of the kidnapped tipster Gryphius. From there, accompanied by atheist reporter Zunz, Lonnrot follows Scharlach to the Villa Triste-le-Roy, and unravels the greatest mystery of all.

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Direction: Alex Cox

Script: Alex Cox

Cast: Peter Boyle, Christopher Eccleston, Miguel Sandoval

Original Title: Death & The Compass

Original Language: English

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Countries: Japan, Mexico, United States of America

Production Company:




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