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A fifth-generation family-run farm in the north of Schleswig-Holstein is taking new paths: Independent farmers with independent ideas!

With each generation change, the number of family-run farms in Germany is halved. Many are swallowed up by large industrialized operations, which now manage almost two-thirds of the cultivated land. The loss of a centuries-old tradition is imminent.

The Sierck family farm is one of these small operations. Father Jörn is a farmer and dairy farmer in the fifth generation on the farm in the northern Geest. His wife Gunda takes care of the on-farm dairy and the successful growing direct sales.

They consciously consider how the farm must be positioned in the future so that it can also feed the families that cultivate it in the sixth generation.

"Born for Korn" illustrates a positive example of peasant agriculture, an antithesis to industrial agriculture.

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Direction: Elmar Szücs, Rainer Heesch, Niclas R. Middleton

Cast: Arne Sierck, Jörn Sierck, Gunda Sierck, Malte Sierck, Hauke Sierck, Freidrich Sierck

Original Title: Born for Korn

Original Language: German

Subtitles: No subtitles

Film Production Country: Germany

Production Company:

Middleton & Heesch & Szücs GbR


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