Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie 2014 41 Min

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Igor Stravinsky’s »Le Sacre du Printemps« is considered one of the key works of modernism. Its title translates to »The Rite of Spring«. The strikingly archaic, tension-charged and angular composition is characterised by a strongly emphasised rhythm, precipitous drops and a layering of constantly repeating musical motives. Its many almost noise-like dissonances and expressionist sonic impressions have made the work one of the most famous pieces of music of the modern avant-garde.

On this evening the audience will experience an adaptation of Sasha Waltz' »Sacre« creatively dealing with the limiting conditions and circumstances of our current situation. The original choreography to the ballet »Le sacre du printemps« by Igor Stravinsky was created 2013 on the occasion of its 100th anniversary commissioned by the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. The current times lend new acuteness to this extraordinary piece of musical and dance history: The Covid 19 pandemic demands great sacrifices of every member of the society, the arts are highly affected by it. »Sacre« adresses important questions on how a society in times of crisis stands together and how it treats its individual members.

Orchester: La Monnaie Symphony Orchester


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